When it comes time to replace your old equipment due to high energy use, age, mounting repair bills, or its untimely death, you will need an HVAC contractor to come out to your house and provide an estimate for the work to be done. Unlike when your toaster goes out, you cannot just buy a new ac system and plug it in.

The quality of the installation determines the equipment’s life span and efficiency. It is important to choose a company that has highly trained installers and technicians that have a long history of satisfied customers.

An experienced and dedicated company will give you a professional bid, installation, financing options, and service on the ac equipment if anything happens to go wrong. You’ll also want to make sure that the company is fully insured.

Contractors must take into account many factors in choosing the right  ac equipment for you, including:

  • Duct size
  • Size of refrigerant lines
  • Electrical connections
  • Changes in the house since the last system was installed
  • Equipment location
  • Noise levels
  • Indoor air quality
  • Efficiency
  • What the customer wants to achieve by changing the equipment

When you obtain bids, more than likely you will receive a wide range of prices for the same equipment. The variance in prices is typically due to the installation. Be aware that the cheapest bid can end up costing you more in the long run.

A proper air conditioning system installation will not leak air or refrigerant, will be properly sized and ducted, will not have excessive noise due to vibration or airflow.  The ac system will be stable, secure, neat, and most of all, safe.

Air Comfort Company has seen many jobs performed by the lowest bidder where brand new equipment had to be completely reinstalled. In some cases the original contractor cannot or will not return and correct the job. Now the entire cost of the reinstallation must be borne by the homeowner. See an example of just such a job here.

With Air Comfort Company, you can be assured that all our work will be done properly and neatly. We will be here for you to address any problems that might come up, and the company is fully insured. We stand firmly behind all our work and will make sure you are satisfied with the job. Please call to set up a free bid on the replacement of any equipment. (972) 235-6139